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Plumbing Courses - Diploma in Domestic Heating (QCF)

Diploma in Domestic Heating (QCF)

Reference Number : 501/1606/X

Type : Diploma

Level: 2

What is this qualification?

This qualification is a National Vocational qualification (NVQ). It involves the skills and knowledge needed to do the job, ability to organise work and identify and prevent problems. The achievement of an NVQ will encourage an employee to value their contribution to the workplace, and it will develop their skills and potential. This qualification requires occupational evidence

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is for:
• individuals who are employed in the domestic heating industry
• learners employed on a Summit-Skills apprenticeship framework.

What does it cover

Units selected within this qualification. Learners must have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy to comply with the health and safety aspects of the This qualification covers a wide range of subjects required by someone working in the domestic heating industry including:
• health and safety
• how to communicate with others
• environmental protection measures
• scientific principles
• pipework fabrication techniques
• domestic hot water systems
• domestic cold water systems
• domestic central heating systems.