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Health and Safety - Food Hygiene Level 1


Level 1

Level 1 Food Safety

Our Food Hygiene / Food Safety course covers all the basics on food preparation, regulations, precautions and care when preparing food for others. It is designed to meet the requirements of various regulations in food preparation and health and safety. The course covers regulations, preparation, storage, infections, cross contamination, reporting, PPE, date marks, reporting illness and basic first aid in the kitchen. 

The certificate is valid for 3 years and can be taken fully online or nationally in the classroom with one of our approved instructors.  The classroom course is a half day course which is 5 guided learning hours.


  • Introduction

    • Relevant legislation

    • Allergen Regulations 2014

  • Bacteriology and Food Poisoning 

    • Bacteria and their Effects

    • How we control bacterial growth

    • Food Poisoning and allergic reactions

    • Types of infections

    • Poisons and food poisoning

  • Food Contamination and personal Hygiene 

    • Cross contamination: Direct and Indirect

    • Example of Indirect cross contamination

    • Preventing cross contamination

    • Bars and restaurants

    • restaurant workers

    • Clothing in food production

    • Personal responsibilities at work

    • illness, employers responsibility 

    • Personal Illness and exclusion from work

  • Food Storage

    • Use by and Best before dates

    • Heating, refrigeration and freezing