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Electrical Courses - The Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations (QCF)

The Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations (QCF)

Level of Qualification - 3

Time Scale – 37 Hours

Days – 4 x Saturdays/weekdays or 12 x Evenings

Cost – £599


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What is this qualification?
This Award gives the learner an understanding of the theory and practice of periodic inspection, testing and condition reporting, of both single and three phase electrical installations. The qualification follows BS 7671 and the industry recognised IET Guidance Note 3, as well as the Electrical Safely Council

What are the pre-requisites?
There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification although Centres should ensure that learners have the potential to achieve the qualification unit.

Who is this qualification for?
Electricians who wish to carry out the periodic inspection and testing of electrical installations and issue Electrical Installation Condition Reports. Those who wish to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Areas Covered:
• Safe isolation of electrical circuits and installations
• Requirements for inspecting, testing and recording the condition of electrical installations
• Requirements for completing the periodic inspection of electrical installations
• The differences between periodic inspection and initial verification
• Requirements for the safe testing of electrical installations which have been placed in service
• Requirements for testing before circuits are energised
• Requirements for testing energised installations
• Understand and interpret test results
• Requirements for the completion of electrical installation condition reports and associated documentation
• How to confirm safety of system and equipment prior to completion of inspection, testing and commissioning
• How to carry out inspection of electrical installations prior to them being placed into service
• How to test electrical installations prior to them being placed into service
• How to produce a condition report with recording observations and classifications

Also Covered within content of course:
• Health and Safety requirements
• Relevant documentation
• Requirements for the inspection
• Reasons for inspection and testing
• Factors that affect conductor resistance
• Completing insulation resistance testing
• Common earth fault loop paths
• Methods for verifying protection
• Methods for testing the operation of residual current devices
• Information in condition report

Course Progression After Successful Completion:
• Level 4 Design and Verification of Electrical Installations
• ILM Management and Leadership qualifications


Available Dates

Electrical Courses-the Periodic Inspection, Testing And Certification Of Electrical Installations (qcf) Dates

Title Date Price  
Electrical Inspection&Testing 05 Nov 2016 £799.00