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Construction Courses - Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme(SSSTS)


Who Needs to Take a SSSTS Course?

If you are taking on a supervisory role on a construction site you will need to be trained in Health

and Safety. The importance of proper training, as offered through the SSSTS courses, cannot be

stressed enough. Every year thousands of construction workers are severely injured on site, and in

2010-2011 there were fifty deaths according to the Health and Safety Executive. Due to these high

numbers it is necessary to show that you comply with the law and do everything you can to run a

site with minimal risks to your employees.

The SSSTS training course if offered to those who are in supervisory roles in the construction

industry. This could include site supervisor and managers, as everyone in those roles has to follow

the law and be aware of the steps that need to be followed to reduce the dangers to their

employees and the public. Attending an accredited course this is also a good option to take if you

are looking for a promotion.

What You Will Learn

Over a two day course you will be taught the importance of risk assessments and how to

implement any control measures you create on site. One important topic that is covered is the

importance of communicating, it is vital that you are able to discuss risks, and communicate

policies, procedures and safe methods of work to your employees. Another part of the course will is

focused on the importance and skills needed to monitor your control measures that have been

determined through risk assessments.

You will also be taught how to identify problems in the construction industry and how to understand

and monitor work proactively and reactively. As well as risk assessments you will learn about how

important method statements are in the industry and learn all the skills you need to induct new

employees onto the site.

Key points that will be looked at include the Health and Safety Acts and the Regulations and

Approved Codes of Practice and guidance notes. You will also be taught about the legal system

regarding health and safety and the types of accidents which commonly occur in the construction

industry. When you look at risk assessments you will be considering the different types of jobs that

would require such assessments being created such as working in confined spaces and working

with electricity.

The Ideal Course for First Time Managers

The two day SSSTS is the perfect course to choose. It will help you succeed as a manager and

reduce the risks associated with the construction industry. After you have completed the course

you will be awarded with a SSSTS Card. This can be kept and shown to future employees and

anyone who needs to see that you are qualified to help in the construction industry with an

emphasis on health and safety.

TheĀ SSSTSĀ is a two day course designed for anyone in a supervisory role in the construction

industry. Improve your skills and achieve a qualification that can further your career.