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AM2 - AM2 Assessment For SAL

AM2 - The assessment


The AM2 Assessment is broken down into the sections below. During some of the practical sections, you’ll be watched by the assessor. This can seem intimidating so try to practice beforehand with a colleague watching you to get used to it.

We’ve shown the length of time allocated to complete each section but you’ll be given additional time to read the instructions and prepare before starting the test.

This is just an overview, so if you are close to taking your AM2 Assessment and want more detail, click through to a step by step guide to each section.

Section A1: Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment – 45 mins

In this section, you need to demonstrate that you can carry out a safe isolation procedure in the correct sequence to ensure the safety of not only yourself but everyone else on site. You’ll also undertake and document an assessment of any risks to safety that may be present.

Section A: Composite Installation – 8.5 hours

Following the diagrams and instructions you’re given, you’ll prepare, install, connect and terminate conductors at a TP&N Distribution Board and equipment outlets to industry standards. To complete this section, you must demonstrate occupational competence in accordance with statutory and non-statutory regulations and approved industry working practices.

Section B: Inspection, Testing and Certification – 3.5 hours

During this section, you’ll carry out a visual inspection of your installation and complete a series of tests following practices and procedures that take into account electrically sensitive equipment. You can change any part of your installation that you find is incorrect or not complete.

Section C1: Safe Isolation – 30 mins

This second safe isolation test covers three specific scenarios: the replacement of single-phase equipment, three-phase equipment and the isolation of the distribution board.

Section C2: Fault Diagnosis and Rectification – 2 hours

From information provided, you will identify faults in a circuit. You’ll need to record the type of fault and its specific location, then recommend how each fault could be corrected, including any works needed to prove the fault has been rectified.

Section D: Assessment of Applied Knowledge – 1 hour

This is an on-line test consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions designed to assess your knowledge of the health and safety regulations, building regulations and BS 7671 – so make sure you revise these. You need to answer 21 questions correctly in order to pass.